Part 9: Deposit Crypto Wallet Specification

Today, we will talk about the process of selling cryptocurrency specification in detail.

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This is part 9 of the whole course on how to build a Crypto E-Wallet and Exchange System using Odoo.

As defined in the system features before, it should provide a functionality that enable customer to deposit his crypto wallet from any external blockchain address within the same network.

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Ok, now let's talk about the specification details.

Deposit cryptocurrency into customer crypto wallet is essentially a process of transferring cryptocurrency from any external blockchain address to the customer's crypto wallet address, within the same network.

And, increasing the customer crypto wallet balance when that deposit transfer is detected or the crypto address balance is positive.

As we defined on previous part, every customer will have crypto wallets for each crypto network supported by our system. For example ETH wallet, BTC wallet, BNB wallet, etc.

Each of those crypto wallets have unique and valid blockchain address, and will be used for deposit, or payment transaction later.

Those blockchain addresses balance are initially zero by default.

Our system has a mechanism to continuously check for those crypto address balance, with the help of Odoo cron job, by querying the crypto addresses on the blockchain network.

When other external address send some amount of cryptocurrency into the wallet's blockchain address, then it's balance on the network will be increased.

If there is a positive balance found, then our system will immediately transfer all that balance to our main company crypto wallet, and increase the balance of the related customer crypto wallet record in Odoo.

At the end, the wallet's blockchain address balance will be zero again, back to its default state, waiting for another deposit transaction.

The actual cryptocurrency will be safely stored on our company crypto wallet.   

As we defined in the previous section, at the customer dashboard, he can see shortcut of all his favorite wallets and it's balances, as well as the list of crypto currency he is watching the price for.

To deposit a cryptocurrency, customer must select the crypto wallet which he want to Buy, Sell, Send, and Receive.

The selected crypto wallet page will appear as follows:

The page shows the current total wallet balance and the transaction history.

To deposit the cryptocurrency, he will click the Receive button.

A page to receive or deposit cryptocurrency will appear.

On this page, customer can see his crypto wallet address to deposit to.

He must transfer the amount of cryptocurrency to deposit, with the same blockchain network, to that address.

He can scan the address QR code from another device's wallet application, or copy and paste it for another application on the same device.

Alternatively, he can receive cryptocurrency from other user account within the same system. 

In this case, he will simply give his user ID to other users that will send the cryptocurrency.

Click the Share or Copy button to share the address and QR code via other application on the same device, like WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, etc.

Once the transfer is made, our backend system that continuously check for all wallet addresses balance, will execute the deposit mechanism we defined before.

Ok, those are the minimum feature specification for the customer cryptocurrency deposit mechanism.

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