Part 8: Sell Cryptocurrency Specification

Today, we will talk about the process of selling cryptocurrency specification in detail.

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This is part 8 of the whole course on how to build a Crypto E-Wallet and Exchange System using Odoo.

As defined in the system features before, it should provide a functionality that enable customer to sell cryptocurrency from his crypto wallet to our exchanger company.

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Ok, now let's talk about the specification details.

Selling cryptocurrency is essentially a process of transferring cryptocurrency from the customer's crypto wallet to our company crypto wallet.

This can be done only when his crypto wallet balance is available to sell.

[sell mechanism]

As depicted in the picture, the sell process is done by:

1. Calculating the amount of fiat money obtained by selling an amount of cryptocurrency,

or calculate the amount of cryptocurrency required if we want to get a certain amount of fiat money,

by converting it using the current rate.

2. Check the crypto wallet balance availability.

3. Move cryptocurrency from customer crypto wallet to our company crypto wallet.

4. Move fiat money from our company wallet to customer fiat wallet.

As we defined in the previous section, at the customer dashboard, he can see shortcut of all his favorite wallets and it's balances, as well as the list of crypto currency he is watching the price for.

To sell a cryptocurrency, customer must select the crypto wallet which he want to Buy, Sell, Send, and Receive.

The selected crypto wallet page will appear as follows:

The page shows the current total wallet balance and the transaction history.

To sell the cryptocurrency, he will click the Buy/Sell button.

A page to buy or sell cryptocurrency will appear.


On this page, customer can see the price chart of the selected cryptocurrency on a certain period.

An information about the cryptocurrency is also displayed, where customer can read and analyse it, before deciding to buy or sell.

Next, the buy price and the sell price is shown.

Customer will click the Sell button if he decided to sell the cryptocurrency at the current rate, or the Buy button, if he decided to buy.

If Sell button is clicked, then, a page to sell the cryptocurrency is shown.  

On this page, the current crypto wallet balance is shown, as well as the cryptocurrency sell price estimation.

Customer can manually enter the amount of cryptocurrency to sell, or select the percentage of current crypto wallet balance available. Our system will calculate the amount of fiat money obtained with that amount of cryptocurrency.

Or, he can enter the amount of fiat money he want to obtain directly. Our system will then calculate the amount of cryptocurrency required.

Click the Continue button to execute the buy process.

If the calculated cryptocurrency value to sell exceeded the cryptocurrency wallet balance, then a warning pop up message will appear, and the continue button will stay inactive.

Otherwise, the sell process is finally executed. 

The backend system will move customer crypto wallet to our company crypto wallet. So, his crypto wallet balance will be decreased.

Next, it will move our company fiat wallet to the customer fiat wallet for the amount sold. So, his fiat wallet will be increased for the amount.

Ok, those are the minimum feature specification for the customer cryptocurrency selling mechanism.

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